Friday, October 15, 2010

My lesson learned

Yesterday I went to Costco to get gas. I had to back into the spot to pump my gas because of the way it is set up. I got out and started to the process to pump my gas. The guy behind me now finishes pumping his gas, gets into his car and i can hear him kinda freaking out. He starts his car opens his door back up and very pissed off says to me  " You know you could have pulled up closer to the pump so i could get out". I looked at him and very honestly  and politely said "I'm sorry I didn't realize I was that far away". He then slams his door, throws his car in reverse, mashes on the gas so his tires chirp and almost hits the car behind him. I then very calmly and politely say with a smile on my face " have a nice day". This aggravates him even worse to a point I thought the vain on forehead was going to explode. He throws his car in drive and again mashes the gas hard enough to make his tires chirp again and again almost hits a different car as he tears out of there.LOL obviously I didn't block him in that bad if her could tear out of there like that. I found I got far more enjoyment out of how upset he got the nicer and calmer I got. Than I ever would have if I started yelling back at him.This had me smiling the rest of my drive home. What was the lesson I learned from this interaction? The nicer I am to people in life the more it pisses them off and the happier I am :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Move, Get out the way

It really aggravates me when I'm driving and some idiot is going 62 mph in the left lane and finally after a while of getting frustrated I decide to pass him and I see  he is on his cell phone and completely oblivious to his surroundings, and how much he is holding up traffic. Several people pass him and he is just continuing on his merry way. First be more aware of your surrounding when you are driving, 2nd get a hands free device for your phone or don't drive and talk, 3rd don't drive under the speed limit in the left lane and move over when folks are going faster

Friday, October 1, 2010


A man ( and I use that term simply describing this cowards gender and nothing else!!!!) used his 2 year old daughter as a shield from a cops aiming a taser at him. He broke into his ex wife's house and when cops showed up they drew their tasers and this despicable coward grabbed his 2 year old daughter and uses her as a shield so they wont shoot at him. You sir disgust me and are one of the biggest cowards alive.

Monday, September 20, 2010

I believe in the constitution people

It is really starting to get to me how often I hear the "catch Phrase" I believe in the constitution. Implying that because we have different views on things that I don’t believe in the constitution? Well I hate to break it to you, but the constitution is an interpretive document. Much like the bible it can be interpreted many different ways and your way isn’t necessarily any better or worse than mine just different. Another thing, this bumper sticker type rhetoric of "this is/isn't what the founding fathers would have wanted" is wearing thin. You didn’t know the founding fathers personally so you don’t know what they would or wouldn’t have wanted plus they differed greatly on the issues of their time but they worked together. I can say that our founding fathers where intelligent enough to realize that the issues that they faced would be different than the issues that we face now and different than the issues that will be faced 100 years from now. And in my opinion that’s why the constitution was written the way it was. As an interpretive document it can be interpreted to fit the situations faced at that time.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


My last 2 blogs where about stuff in the news. So I decided to change it a lil, and write about a thought I had today . As I was walking to my car after work I noticed someone parked right next to my car. I mean right next to my car. So close I almost had to climb through the passenger side. That really pissed me off. I was going to leave a note for them to tell them off. But then a thought hit me I don't know why they parked like that. for all I know they could have rushed there because a loved one was was sent there in a emergency or something. Sure they could have been a inconsiderate dick. But they just as easily could have rushed there cuz someone was dieing. And how bad would I feel if that was the case and here I am telling them off in a note. I know I probably would never see them but none the less in the afterlife if that was the case and I did that I'd feel terrible. So anyways I didn't leave a note I was able to get in my car. My thought for today is don't just jump to doing things put yourself in other peoples shoes and think what they might be going through before acting.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

So called Pastor

I am amazed at the Huge contradiction that comes from a "pastor" in Florida, at the Dove world outreach center. He is organizing a protest of the 9-11 attacks by having a Quran burning. First of all it was a insane rouge fringe group hiding behind a religion  that carried out the attacks it was NOT Muslims. Kind of like how Nazi's hide behind Christianity. Just because Nazi's hide behind Christianity that doesn't mean that's how Christians are. In fact I, as a Christian would be very offended if I was put under that same classification as them. That is what this "Pastor" is doing though. Simply because this rouge group hides behind Islam he is grouping every Muslim together. That is misguided and bigoted of him and anyone who participates in that.I can't believe the audacity of him to call himself a pastor, someone who teaches the teachings of Jesus. That is not what Jesus would do.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Canyons School district

OK OK so I heard about the Canyons school district sending a letter to the parents of the students letting them know that President Obama is giving a talk to all students.On the letter is a option for the parents to opt their kids out of it........ Really People, come on why would you ban your kids from that.You know regardless of whether or not you agree with his policies you should respect the position that the man holds. And honestly how much "damage" do you think he can really do  to your kid in such a small amount of time. Why don't you people start acting like parents and talk with your kids. Use it as a opportunity to bond with them and to create an open dialog with them to teach them what your beliefs are. Rather than stopping  them from hearing from someone that has  different ideological values  from you. That's something that communists do!!!!! Whats really sad is not that the canyons school district sent that letter out, but that they felt like they had too. To cover themselves because of all the ridiculousness that went on last year because of the same thing. " ohh no he is going to indoctrinate my kids with his liberal agenda" Evan if that was his goal. If your kids are that easily brainwashed as to alter their philosophical ideas because of what someone said during at best a hour and a half message than you need to spend more time with your kids building mental strength.And you have much bigger problems on your hands..